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Weeks 6-7: Tehachapi, Kennedy Meadows and Flip to Oregon

Weeks 6-7: Tehachapi, Kennedy Meadows and Flip to Oregon

Day 36: Sea 558-573 (15 miles)

After sleeping, we awoke a bit, or a minimum of what we stored mendacity down. My uncle made breakfast while we have been sitting with my aunt. By eight:30 we have been ready to exit the door. It felt good that the family took care of the day. We drove again to Tehachap and obtained to the submit office as quickly because it opened at 10am. I sent a number of things and Andrew took the box. Then it was back on the path.
The morning was scorching and exposed. We walked by way of the wind farm hills and then descended in the direction of Highway 58. My uncle had left us a miniature and crammed it up. As soon as on the street, we observed that the clouds we had seen all morning have been getting closer and darker. We determined we higher hurry to rise up and out of the valley. We have been virtually on the prime of the climb when it hit.
The warm air become a cold breeze and then shortly acquired too rainy. The thunder went out and closer. Once we noticed the lightning close by, we knew it had not been handed or tried to rise up and climb up to attempt to land. We had to hunt fast. We walked down the trail a bit to get off the ridge. We put our backs on a small shrub and sat on packs to get on the ground simply in case the lightning hit the bottom close to us. Huge drops of rain take in us in minutes. Andrew joked that granularity can be better, as a result of no less than it wasn't so moist. His want got here true a second later.

Marble-sized granules started to hit us. It obtained caught as we rushed to get the Z resting place out and over. We just had time to get one on prime, so we partied underneath it and listened to the hail that hit us on the platform above. We sat by way of it for an hour and a half. My ft fell asleep. I couldn't feel my fingers anymore. Andrew and I barely talked. We simply sat beneath the pillow until it was protected to stroll once more.
We solely walked .7 miles until we discovered a coated campsite and made a camp. We have been 6 miles from where we had jumped to camp however didn't care. We have been soaked, frozen and exhausted.
We hadn't been expecting rain, so none of my stuff was in waterproof luggage. Luckily, my lower leg, mid-layer and sleeping bag have been dry. All the things else was moist or very humid.

Day 37: Sea 573 – 593 (20 miles).

We fell asleep. Actually, I didn't make an alarm. I needed to wake up to the sun that warmed my tent and my body. I simply did it. By 7.30 am I used to be awake and shifting. By eight:00 am, I was out of my tent drying my tenting in close by bushes. We didn't depart till 9am.
We spent the morning enjoying the solar and shifting miles slowly. We acquired to our fountain by 1pm as quickly as we began hearing the thunder.
We ate lunch beneath a tree, however when it began to chatter, we moved to a shelter made from half an previous truck. The climate was troublesome to predict. The clouds have been dark and the thunder was, nevertheless it did nothing however scatter on and off.

We stayed within the shelter for about an hour earlier than they decided the climate was going to final or no less than it appeared like it might. Chickadee had joined us. We had seen him on and off Massive Bear since. He walked the remaining 13 miles in camp with us. All of us made dinner together with slightly clearing within the oaks the place we camped.

Day 38: Sea 593 – Mile 618 (25 Miles)

We left the camp at 7:00. We had an enormous day ahead, however Andrew and I have been shifting slowly. We ate breakfast and then headed to my first water source after a dry camp. We had time to enjoy the abundance of water and then continued shifting. We knew we had loads of streams coming.
We had left the shallow dry desert and entered the wonderland of pines, streams and shadows. We tried to have lunch by the creek, however a whole lot of ladybugs passed us and fled to the opposite aspect of the creek. It was nice to soak my ft in the chilly, mountain water as I ate.

We made lunch, even half a mile down the trail we had to path to magic. Three pals have been set on a mud street in a small camper van with waffles, cold drinks, hotdogs and whiskey. We had simply eaten lunch so we both dropped out, but I took a drink and a seat. It turned out that they have been on a friendly path. I requested them extra about themselves and I came upon that they’re from the identical city the place I was born. While making an attempt to find out whether we knew the same individuals, the hunter pulled us up and gave us all the tokens that Smokey Bear has on them.
We finally had to depart to do why. Conveniently, it was when the thunderheads have been spinning. We waited for extra thunderstorms. We had met them each day after leaving Tehachap. It rained little and not a lot. By the point we obtained to the water body, we have been dry. It was just a few miles from there. The camp was on the aspect of the dust street and we weren’t alone. There was another couple and at the least ten cows.

Day 39: Mile 618 – Mile 638 (20 Miles)

I awoke completely happy to see that there were no cows in my tent. The day before the 25 miles, I was in pain. I didn't want to depart the camp operating, so once once more we had a sluggish morning. We ate breakfast at the prime of our first climb and continued our shuttle service. It was scorching by 10am. We had to take a number of breaks on our approach to the subsequent water yard. I used to be exhausted and hit the warmth.

Finally, we went down the street with the bag and rewarded the trail extra. A man named Bob was there with cold drinks and pizza. We had already deliberate to have lunch there, so this made it even better. After lunch and cold drinks we crammed the water and headed out.
Climbing the valley sucked. It was scorching and my pack was heavy with water as we have been again in dry camping. Andrew and I have been speaking about meditation on the best way up and I discovered rather a lot from his experiences in India. When up, Andrew smiled and appeared again at me. Then he pointed to a snow-covered mountain range. Sierra. We have been finally seeing it. I stepped up and hugged. The home was lastly visible to me.
Even after that massive raise, I was nonetheless drained. My body was more drained and greedy than regular. The subsequent four miles of the camp seemed by no means to end. I acquired to the camp, pulled my sleeping pillow out of my pack and dropped it.

Day 40: Sea 638 miles 654 (16 miles)

Andrew and I barely stated something to each other as we walked from camp. We have been each tired and our bodies have been starting to feel the formation of over 600 miles of wear and tear. We take pleasure in a quiet stroll on shady oaks surrounded by green grass. It was nice being within the timber again.
By 10 am we arrived within the spring after a dry stretch. I used to be waiting for a tube that came with somewhat water and a horsehole beneath it, nevertheless it was a lot better. Recent cold water drained from the pipe into the stream. There was a cabin and chairs to sit and enjoy the morning solar. I took the chance to splash water on myself and moist my clothes to keep cool for a number of miles afterwards. I walked back down the trail with a greater angle, being clean and putting sweet in M ​​& Ms's mouth.
My ft began hurting really dangerous noon. It had been sore for a number of days, however it clearly obtained worse. I walked the subsequent few miles from Walker Move, the place we deliberate to catch a bus to Ridgecrest, considering of what I wanted to do to improve it. In fact, I additionally considered all the worst instances and panic concerning the concept of ​​a path. We reached the campsite miles before Walker Move and there were tracks. Beer and cookies shortly took over my mind. Finally, we had to depart to get on the bus at 13:20.
The bus was late, so I began making an attempt to get a mortgage, however ultimately it got here and we moved on. The chilly air was washed over as we maximized on the bus truthful and sat down. It was a brief trip to city and all we might think of was the Chinese buffet we have been going to go to. It was every part we jumped in and my abdomen felt precisely as I expected after consuming Chinese language meals in a small desert town.

Then we walked a mile at 102 levels in the direction of the grocery store. This was not straightforward and filled with Chinese food. I had hassle figuring out what to eat next so full and scorching. At one point, I sat down within the frozen food compartment and complained a bit when Andrew observed. We bought our meals and then continued to find shelter until 6:30 pm when the bus came once more. We settled on Arby as a result of we will also download there. We walked to the bus stop after a good Arby's go to and obtained back on the path. The sunset was lovely and the temples had fallen. After two miles we settled into a campground overlooking the desert under.

Day 41: Sea 654 to 676 (22 miles)

We walked earlier than 6:00. I’m. We knew it was going to be scorching and we had a whole lot of climbing to do. By ten, we had made 10 miles and had a break in the spring. In one sitting, I ate greater than half of the bag that could possibly be distributed, peanut butter. We continued climbing until a small creek 5 miles away. We had an extended Siesta and took the opportunity to wash it off. By 3pm we have been hopelessly bored and determined to continue strolling and deal with the climbing in entrance of us, whatever the warmth.
The rise proved not to be as dangerous as anticipated. The wind picked up and stored us cool. Once we received to the highest, I ate cold saturated rice, which I had tried. I'm uninterested in cooking and think about the cold soaking after Kennedy Meadows. It was a hit and I made a decision to send the heater to my residence.
Right here we walked a couple of extra miles to camp. It was loopy windy now and getting in my tent was troublesome. In the course of the ascent, I discovered a scorpion underneath a rock. That's what Andrew did! It seems they have been all over the place and I was very excited to see some before leaving for the desert.

Day 42: Mile 676 – Mike 699 (23 Miles)

We have been again from camp early. We made it 5 miles down Chimney Creek earlier than eating breakfast. Any further, we started tackling what we nonetheless needed to be an enormous climb. It turned out to be a lot easier than we expected, particularly the Crunk Juice (Mio Power) jacket. At the prime we decided to proceed the morning and watch for lunch for a number of more miles. We had completed 10 miles by 10am and 5pm by what was supposed to be camp. It was just one:00 pm so we determined to have a lunch break before persevering with. While there, we saw a bear coming down to the creek to get water. It didn't appear to scare us at all.

After lunch and an extended break to hold out of the sun in the course of the warm day we left. The plan was to be half a day to Kennedy Meadows, now it seemed like we have been mountaineering till we have been solely about three miles in the morning.
We discovered a camp on the banks of the Kurn River. I tried my greatest to wash what I hope perfume higher once I see my mother and father tomorrow.

Day 43: Sea 699 to Kennedy Meadows (three miles)

slept. for as long as I might, however the sun turned my tent into an oven by 8:00. Andrew and I packed up and moved in by 9am. We ran into Flex and snacks once we acquired back on the trail. I might inform we have been all excited to depart behind a number of the desert.
We pointed at the 700 mile manufacturer, but no one really observed the attention. 702 actually matters. This means you're finally at Kennedy Meadows, the gateway to Sierra. We walked shortly for the subsequent two miles and received on the street. It felt weird. I couldn't work out your feelings. We made a desert. I had 700 miles of scorching land behind, but now I also had numerous snowy miles forward.
These thoughts shortly disappear once we met a photographer named Andrew who portraits PCT hikers. He additionally had a cooler filled with cold drinks and snacks. This man took superb footage of hikers at no cost!
After Andrew took our footage, we wandered into city and the first individual I saw in the basic store parking zone was my dad, however my dog ​​gave it to me first. Mother and Dad got here subsequent! That they had driven out of Colorado of their motorhome.
I made breakfast for us in a motorhome and then my uncle appeared to the monks. We had a nice household reunion earlier than Andrew and I had to make a crack at our determination to turn to OR. We thought Sierra was too dangerous. We had determined a number of days earlier than that the flip was the fitting name for us. We went to Grumpy Bears to get our packages and lunch. After lunch, I met a pal of mine from Sufferfest Beer Company.

Dave had introduced tons of beer and meals to hikers to make the path magical. We're spreading the word concerning the BBQ we might have later that night time. It was superior. Hikers came to grab food and beer and take pleasure in each other's firm earlier than heading in several directions.

Day 44: Journey Day to Renoon
Day 45: Rest day with my family
Day 46: Travel Day to Ashland

Day 47: Callahan's Cottage to Mail 1696 (22 miles)
I didn't sleep properly. I couldn't sleep on the place the place we slept. It was too scorching outdoors and stuck on my sleeping pillow. Andrew was clearly not. We didn't speak a lot about dressing up, packing and driving our rental automotive for a refund. A path angel named Sarah took us and took us back to the trail.
We have been so completely happy and excited as we walked by means of the luxurious forest we by accident started north. Thankfully, I only acquired it in a minute and rotated and headed south.

I liked the desert. It was a ravishing boot camp, however I was effervescent with inexperienced. This power carried us all day. We met a large group who had additionally turned up. About twelve of them. We ran into all of them day and favored them quite a bit. I decided it was because that they had comparable personalities to Andrew and I. An identical mindset because they performed it protected.
Errors have been dangerous once we received to camp. We reduce tents on our ft and talked to one another by means of them as we are and took shelter from errors. Day 19: Sea 1696 – 1676 (20 miles)

It was troublesome to rise up. We have been behind sleeping at the ultimate cease. By 7:00 we have been leaving and I felt terrible. I started taking more breaks throughout the morning and had to resort to copious amounts of ibeprofen throughout the day.

A few of our days have been spent on the snow. I had just lately purchased the microspikes and finally acquired to use them. Wednesday morning we reached the California border. It was fun going back to California once we had simply labored so exhausting to get to Oregon. Nevertheless, we spent a lot of the day in the shade of massive, mossy timber. We had a fantastic view of Shana for some time.

Although it was lovely, I tried to distract myself to one of the best of my potential. Satun. Each a part of me. I used to be also tired. Andrew was variety and rested once I needed them. Once I didn't relaxation, I walked. I spent an excellent time strolling around listening to Harry Potter.

Day 49: Sea 1676 to Nero (21 miles)

We began our day with sunrise over Shasta. We needed to begin the day early as a result of we have been dropping into the Siead Valley and it had to be scorching and exposed.
The trip to the valley was not dangerous, but warming up. That's why we noticed two ringing snakes. The path was also incredibly grown. We had to kick a great half.
As soon as within the valley we went to the primary store. I obtained an extended voodoo ranger boy and sat outdoors at picnic tables beneath a tree.
From there we went to the property of the Paths. This man, Morgan, owns a plot subsequent to the Klamath River. She has a simple trailer and lives there alone together with her canine. From 2019, he will let hikers stay on the property. The one factor I needed all day was to swim within the river, so once I came upon his property backed by the river was my first stop! He showed us around the property and then I went straight to the river. It was in a rush but there was a sandy seashore and a whirl swim. I washed my clothes and my body and enjoyed being cool, wet and clean. The rest of the night time was spent doing typical camp / city activities with a nice group of people we had hiked in current days.

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