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Shirakawago Gassho house

Here is a detailed Shirakawa-go route plan + travel guide blog with a finances breakdown.

The very famous Gassho-style houses of Shirakawa go have landscapes with a number of contrasting colors and real character. Spring, once we visited, the cherry blossoms scattered across the farmland and the morning-covered rising wood-studded mountains complement its dramatic landscape. The Shirakawa-go village, blessed in Gifu, Japan has stored its old style traditions, appearance and character, making it a UNESCO World Heritage Website.



Gassho-style house in this Shirakawa-go village has a roof that resembles 2 arms in prayers. This roof structure makes the homes properly fitted to their climate – the robust snowfall prevailing in winter and the humid climate of summer time. The roofs are west and east, the place sunlight additionally helps to soften the snow shortly and dry the roofs. That is why the Gassho type homes are in the identical path so that the houses do not fall by means of the wind blowing from the Sho River. Because the attic of Gassho-style homes in Shirakawa-go is often used for silk cultivation, an alternate supply of revenue for the locals, because agricultural products are quite limited on this mountainous area, the solar and wind help to develop

Apparently, the development of a saturated roof requires Yui villagers who voluntarily help build a roof. The roof have to be made within at some point. When it is finished, Yui will eat dinner together to have fun.

Here’s a Shirakawa-go journey information with a route plan and a finances that will help you plan your keep right here.




Winter: One of the best time to go to Shirakawa- there is a winter that falls between December and January. During this season, the village was peppered within the elegant homes of Gassho, which change to the winter landscape. Winter mild can also be held each winter

Spring: Probably the greatest occasions to go to Shirakawa-go is in spring – March to Might. During this season, the village has been sprinkled with cherry blossoms.

Autumn: For many vacationers, the autumn of Shirakawa-go can also be the perfect time to visit. This season runs from September to November. Shirakawa-go becomes a colorful village when the tree leaves turn purple, orange and yellow

Summer time: June to August is summer time in Shirakawa-go. The village turns green and the flowers begin to bloom.

JAPAN VISA: Philippine passport holders should have a Japanese visa to journey to Japan. Click here: JAPAN VIISA REQUIREMENTS AND APPLICATION PROCESS

JAPAN TIME AREA: Japan's time zone is GMT + 9, 1 hour before the Philippines.

SHIRAKAWA YEAR'S CURRENCY AND FINANCE: The Japanese yen is elsewhere in Japan

. Earlier than the Shirakawa go go to, you possibly can obtain money (Japanese Yen) as a result of there are restricted ATMs right here. Most restaurants and outlets only accept Japanese yen money. For money change, the Sensible Trade website has a cash trade machine situated close to the Shirakawa-go bus terminal. Open from 8:30 am to five:30 pm

SHIRAKAWA-GO PAYMENT MODE: A lot of the crops accept the Japanese yen for cash, so stack up earlier than the go to.

SHIRAKAWA-GO ELECTRIC: Like some other energy plug used in Japan in Shirakawa Gates is Sort A and Sort B. Greatest to import a universal adapter. The constant voltage is 100 V and the standard frequency is 50/60 Hz.

SHIRAKAWA-GO WI-FI AND SIMCARD: Shirakawa Go has “SHIRAKAWA-Go Free Wi-Fi” in several places. Nevertheless, in case you are traveling over the town of Shirakawa-go, chances are you’ll need to purchase an area sim card or lease a pocket Wi-Fi.




Regular flights from Philippines from Manila to Nagoya (Chubu International Airport) and JETSTAR gives the most cost effective worth that I've seen to date. You possibly can ebook flights on Jetstar flies four occasions every week from Manila to Nagoya, offering one of many least expensive airfares to Japan.

  Shirakawa-go This publish was made by Jetstar Asia.

Chubu Centrair Worldwide Airport in downtown Nagoya

1. Take a trip to Centrair Japan International Airport.

2.MeitoSu line to Nagoya. Journey time if about 33 minutes and the worth is 30 1,230 (₱ 584)

Three. Exit Meitetsu in Nagoya.


t The tour already features a information and a visit to Takayama

Takayama + Shirakawa-go Day Tour from Nagoya: RESERVE HERE .

Choice 2: Highway Bus

For those who take pleasure in a DIY journey to Shirakawa go, you possibly can comply with the directions under. To be able to save on the bus value, I recommend using the Shoryudo motorway. Although you are not going to remain in this area for Three days, the cross continues to be value it as a result of it features a transfer to Chubu Airport or [Ch65: n] airport.

1. Make your journey to Nagoya Station

2. Stroll to Meitetsu Bus Middle. This bus station is situated on the third and fourth flooring of the Menitetsu department store males's constructing, subsequent to the primary constructing of Meitetsu division store. It should take about 5 minutes on foot. The directions are on Google Maps. Take the escalator next to the enormous Nana-Chan model patrol at the entrance to Meitetsu Bus Middle.

3. Purchase a bus ticket. Take the Gifu bus to Shirakawa-go Categorical

Line, the worth is Three 900 JPY. It is extremely really helpful to guide prematurely, as Shirakawa-go is sort of a well-liked destination. You’ll be able to ebook a month before calling the Meitetsu motorway bus middle at 052 582 0489 when you have a world call +81 52582 0489.

You can even BOOK SHORYUDO HIGHWAY BUS PASS HERE . It's cheaper! This saves 35% of your trip round Takayama, Shirakawa-go and Kanazawa. You may as well use this for a one-way journey using the Meitetsu line between Nagoya Station and Chubu Airport. You possibly can select a Three-5 day ticket that starts at ,33,334 (₱ 1,584).

* Essential: Back, ensure you don't miss the last bus.

Here is the bus record for the Goyu bus from Nagoya to Shirakawa go and vice versa:

Gifu Bus Fare:

Adults: 3,900 (, 9 1,893, 35, 31, SGD 48, 144)

Youngsters : 1 950 (6 926, 17, 16, SGD24, MYR 72)

Journey time: About Three hours

Departure from Nagoya
Arrival in Shirakawa go (Ogimachi Village)
08:00 AM 10:51
08:20 11:11
09:00 AM 12:13
19659051] 12:11
Departure from Shirakawa Goes Arrival in Nagoya
02:20 05:31
03:30 06:19 [19659059] 03:55 06:44
04:30 PM 07:19

* Schedule is topic to vary with out notice

  1. Control the bus to Shirakawa-go. Meitetsu Bus Middle has 8 entry factors. Buses to Shirakawa Gays are often parked at Boarding Level 7. Verify your bus ticket or ask your employees. Present your ticket to the driving force earlier than the bus. Shirakawa-go-travel time is about Three hours

  2. Exit the Shirakawa-go bus terminal.

  3. Make a journey from Shiroyama's perspective. From the bus stop you’ll be able to walk for about 20 minutes to the favored Shiroyama view with lovely views of the Ogimachi village. Alternatively, you can even bounce to a shuttle that takes you from ¥ 200 (₱ 95).

  4. Make a journey to Ogimachi Village in Shirakawa-go. It takes about 20 minutes on foot or carries a shuttle bus that drops to ₱ 200 ([95)

  5. Explore Shiraka-wagoon on foot. Go to Wada House, Heritage Museum, Handicraft and Souvenir Outlets, Deai-Bashi Suspension Bridge, and so on.


  Shirakawago 4

In case you're coming from Takayama, comply with the instructions under.

1.Head to Nohi Bus Middle.

2. Take the Nohi bus to the Shirakawa-go / Kanaza line. The worth is 70 2,470 (₱ 1,173). In case you have a Shoryodu Freeway Bus Move ( RESERVE HERE ), you should use it here.

Three. Start at Shirakawa-go bus stop (Ogimachi).

Nohi Bus Fare:

One Means – ¥ 2,470 (₱ 1,173, $ 23, € 20, SGD31, MYR92)

Roundtrip -, four 4,420 (, 1, 2100, $ 40, € 35 , SGD54, MYR163)

Travel Time: Approximately 50 minutes

In reference to the Nohi bus reservation (from 9.00 to 18.00), call: +81 577 32 1688

Right here is the Nohi bus schedule from Takayama Shirakawa-goi. These with * R require a reservation. In case you have a Shoryudo Highyway bus ticket, you’ll be able to call Nohi Bus Middle to e-book your collection. Or simply go to the bus schedule without the required reservation.

   Leaving Takayama   Arriving at Shirakawa Goa (Ogimachi Village)   07:50 AM * R   08:40   08 : 20 AM * R     08:50   09:40 AM   09:50   10:40   10:50   11:40   11: 40   11: 20 * R   12:10   11:50 AM   12:57   12:20 * R   01:20   12:50 * R   01:40   01:50 PM   02:57   02:30 PM   03:20   02:50   03:57] 03:50 * R   04:40 PM   04:30 PM   05:20   05:50   06:47   07:00 PM [19659102] 07:57     

* Schedule topic to vary with out notice


1. Use Busaz's # 2 to Kanazawa Station at East Gate Terminal.

2. Take the Hokutetsu bus to Shirakawa-go. Travel time is about 1 hour and 20 minutes. The worth is 1 850 ((879) a method. The round journey ticket is 290 3 290 (63 1 563).

Three.Choose on the Shirakawa-go bus stop

OSAKA, KYOTO or TOKYO NAGOYAAN SHIRAKAWA-GO [19659119] An in depth information from Osaka, Kyoto or Tokyo to Shirakawa-go READ HERE


 River Shirakawa-go

The Largest Village and Shirakawa-go Crucial tourist vacation spot of the village is the village of Ogimachi, which is piped in the type of Gassho

One of the simplest ways to get around Shirakawa-Go is to stroll as a result of the Shirakawa motorway is closed to automobiles from 9 am to four pm

Shirakawa-go bus stop (Ogimachi bus cease

Seserag Park In case you are on a bus or a personal car, park right here.

Hereby is the estimated time of Shirakawa-go-bus stop and park Seseragin you to the following points of interest on foot.

Attraction from the Shirakawa-go Bus Terminal Seserag Park
Shiroyama Viewpoint 20 minutes 35 minutes
Wada Home 03 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes 15 minutes ] Heritage Museum 15 minutes 03 minutes
Shirakawa Hachiman Shrine 19659133] 10 minutes 07 minutes
Myozen 10 minutes 07 minutes

Alternatively, there's also a shuttle bus to Shiroyama Viewpoints from the bus terminal. The worth is ¥ 200 (₱ 95), a method. Here is the timetable:

Ogimachi Village (Shirakawa-go) - Shiroyama View Level Bus

The primary journey is 9.00 am, last trip 15:40, departs every single day: 00: 20, and 40: 40 hour

Shiroyama's View of Ogimachi Village (Shirakawa-go)

The first journey is 9:10, the final journey is 4:10, departs for each: 10:30 and: 50 hours.


Shiroyama Viewpoint (Shiroyama Tenshukaku Tenbodai Observatory)

Admission: FREE

Opening Hours: 24 hours

 Shirakawago 21 " width="800" peak="534"/> " width="800" peak="534"/> " width="800" peak="534"/> ] Girho Elegant pictures of Shirakawa-go, which you see online, have been in all probability taken from Shiroyama's perspective. Overlooking the Ogimachi Village, this remark deck, close to the automotive park, is surrounded by a river the place a lot of the Gassho-style homes are concentrated.

Wada Home

Admission: Adults: ¥ 300 (₱ 143), College students: (150 (₱ 171)

Opening Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 [19659007]

 Shirakawago wada house

The most important Gassho-style house in Shirakawa, owned by a well known Wada household and open to the general public. In truth, for those who climb on the 2nd flooring of a house, you will encounter instruments and materials used in silk manufacturing.

People Museum of the Previous Toyama Family

Admission: Adults: ¥ 300 (₱ 143), College students: ¥ 150 (₱ 171)

Opening Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 (closed Wednesday 31 December - Three January 1965 [196590] 02] This Gassho-style home, which was a museum, was named an essential national commodity in 1971. This large conventional house additionally has sericulture gear (silk breeding).

Doburoku Pageant Museum

Admission: Adult :: 300 (₱ 143), Students: ¥ 150 (₱ 171)

Opening Hours: 9:00 - 17:00 [19659007] If you wish to study Doburoku Pageant.



The historic villages of Ainokura and Suganuma in Gokayama are also a UNESCO World Heritage Website. If you wish to go to together with Shirakawa-go in in the future, you possibly can guide a day trip



One other great trip for a trip to Shirakawa-go on Takayama , a well-preserved metropolis with Edo-style streets. It can be accomplished on a aspect trip whenever you visit Shirakawa-go. You'll be able to examine underneath the detailed Shirakawa-go and Takayama routes, or you'll be able to e-book a Takayama and Shirakawa-go day trip from Nagoya



 Shirakawago Travel Guide

Though a number of Gassho-style homes became a Shirakawa-go lodge, they have a hefty price tag. However don't be nervous because there are a handful of price range accommodations within the village. See the record under. When you've got only a limited time, it's attainable to make a Shirakawa-go day trip from Nagoya. I also have listed under a number of the price range motels in Nagoya, if you want to stay in the middle.


Shirakawa-go Guesthouse Kei

Location: Shirakawago, Japan


] Guest House Ant Hunt

: Shirakawago, Japan


Toyota Shirakawa-go Eco-Institute

Location: Shirakawago, Japan


Shirakawa-go Terrace

Location: Shirakawago, Japan



In case you are nearly to make a day journey from Shirakawa-go Nagoya and do not intend to explore other villages and towns close by, listed here are some price range motels in Nagoya

Nagoya Liberty Lodge

Location: Nagoya Station, Nagoya [19659036] CHECK THE ROOMS HERE

Meitetsu Inn Nagoya Ekimae

Location: Close to Nagoya Stati on, Nagoya


[19659036] Meitetsu Inn Nagoya Nishiki

Location: Near Sakae Station, Nagoya


Lodge Cent Major Nagoya

Location: Close to Sakae Station, Nagoya [19659036] CHECK ROOMS HERE

Eating in Shirakawa Go [19659000]]

 Shirakawago meals


Location: Google Maps

Opening Hours: 10:00 - 14:00

Food Costs: As much as 20 1,620 (₱ 769)

We had lunch in Iror, a standard Japanese embedded hearth. I actually enjoyed the normal home-cooked food, prepared in the traditional meals preparation processes Hidan. It is extremely delicious as a result of it makes use of recent greens and edible wild crops. Attempt Hida Beef Pottery, the Ichirari Food Ingredient with Stone Cucumber Components, or the Hinada Miso Menu.


Location: Google Maps

Opening Hours: 11:00 - 15:00

Food Prices: Up to 1,620 (₱ 769)

That is another common Restaurant in Shirakawa-go, as it is situated in a 250-year-old Gassho-style home overlooking the Shogawa River.


Location: Google Maps

Opening Hours: 10:00 - 16:00

Dining Worth: Up to ¥ 1000 (₱ 475)

Attempt Specialty Meals - Hidagyi Croquet and Doburok (Unfiltered) rice wine) pudding.


 Shirakawago Day Journey

Listed here are examples of Shirakawa-go routes, an excellent day tour and a Three-day stay on this space. Greatest to make use of Shoryudo Bus Cross to save lots of quite a bit on transportation. RESERVE HERE

Shirakawa-go Day Itinerary (1 Day) and Price range

This DIY Shirakawa-go route plan is an effective day 1 day and if the lodge is in Nagoya.

TRAVEL TIP: Greatest to make use of Shoryudo Bus Cross to save lots of on delivery costs, even when you solely use it for 1 day, 3-day ticket ¥ 3,344 (4 1,584) continues to be cheaper than regular scheduled visitors for Three,900 (¥ 1,853 ) x 2 =, eight 7 800 (₱ Three.706).



07:00 AM

Walking or Riding at MTR Nagoya Station

If Hotel is Near Sakae station, travel time is 6 minutes. ¥ 200 (₱ 95)


Walk to Meitetsu Bus Center at the Menitetsu Department Store Men's Building on the 3rd and 4th floors.

07:20 AM

Buy the Gifu bus ticket for Shirakawa-go. , 9, 3,900 (₱ 1,853)

Or show Shoryudo Bus Pass. ,3 3.334 (₱ 1.584). RESERVE HERE

08:00 AM

Gifu bus to Shirakawa-go

10:51 AM

ETA Shirakawa-go bus stop at Ogimachi Village.

11: 00 AM

Walk (20 min) or shuttle bus to Shiroyama (10 min) ¥ 200 (₱ 95).

11:20 AM

Shiroyama Viewpoint. FREE

12:00 PM

Walk or shuttle bus to JPG 200 (₱ 95) to Ogimachi Village.


ETA Ogimachi Village (Shirakawa-go).

12: 30.00

Lunch in Inor. 6 1,620 (₱ 769)

01:30 PM

Visit the Wada House. ¥ 300 (₱ 142)

2:30 PM

Deai-bash Suspension Bridge

03:00 PM

Souvenir Shops


Bus to Nagoya. , 9 3,900 (85 1,853)


ETA Meitetsu Bus Station in Nagoya


₱ 10 120 - 8 4 808 (92 - 81 - SGD125 - MYR 376)

* When you use the Shoryudo bus, the estimated 1-day value, should you comply with the Shirakawa-go route plan mentioned above, is, 6,5654 (₱ 2,686).

Shirakawa-go + Takayama Route Plan (1 Day)

 Shirakawa-go Route Plan

That is an example of a Takayama + Shirakawa-go route in the event you be a part of a gaggle journey. RESERVE HERE .


Takayama + Shirakawa-go

08:00 AM

Meet Meitetsu Middle on the 4th Flooring of the Bus

11:30 AM

Takayama Historical District

11:00 AM

Lunch Buffet in downtown Takayama [1945937] [1945937] [1945937] [1945937] [19659135]

02:00 PM

Departure to Shirakawa-go

03:00 PM


<img class="aligncenter" src="" alt=" Shirakawa-go

<img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="

<img class="aligncenter" src="" alt="

Depart Shirakawa- go


ETA Nagoya Station



- 3,794 (€ 72.85, € 64.19 , SGD 98.79, MYR 297)

t " width="640" peak="427"/>

Hereby An instance of a DIY Shirakawa-go route plan that features a aspect path

TRAVEL TIP: It is best to make use of the Shoryudo bus if you will achieve this to save lots of. Solely 3,334 for unlimited driving for 3 days in Nagoya, Shirakawa-go, Takayama and Kanazawa.

Day 1


07:00 AM

] Stroll or drive to MTR Nagoya Station.

If the lodge is situated near Sakae Station, the journey time is 6 minutes. ¥ 200 (₱ 95)


Stroll to Meitetsu Bus Middle at the Menitetsu Department Store Men's Constructing on the third and 4th floors.

[1965915] ]


Purchase the Gifu bus ticket for Shirakawa-go. , 9 3,900 (85 1,853)

Or present a Shoryudo Bus Move. , Three,334 (₱ 1.587).

08:00 AM

Gifu Bus to Shirakawa-go

19659313] The EEA Shirakawa-go bus stop at Ogimachi Village.

Depart baggage for storage or an occupied counter. ¥ 500 (₱ 238) - 800 (₱ 380)

11:00 AM

Walk (20 min) or shuttle bus to Shiroyama vantage level (10 min) ¥ 200 (₱ 95).


Shiroyama Perspective. FREE

12:00 PM

Strolling or shuttle bus to Ogimachi village, ¥ 200 (₱ 95).



ETA Ogimachi Village (Shirakawa-go)


Lunch in Inor. 6 1,620 (70 770)

01:30 PM

Go to the Wada Home. ¥ 300 (₱ 143)

02:30 PM

Deai-bash Spring Bridge. FREE


Memento Outlets


Bus to Takayama. 70 2,470 (₱ 1,1174) if not utilized in Shoryudo Bus Move


ETA Takayama


Lodge check-in

07:30 PM

Dinner. 1,000,000 (₱ 475)

09:00 PM

Day 1 Bills

¥ 7,354 - 3,498 ( 59 - SGD 90 - MYR 273)
Day 19

TAKAYAMA [19459326]

08:00 AM

The morning market of Miyagawa or Jinya-Mae's morning market

09:00 AM

Takayama Jinya. 430 ((204)

10:00 AM

The Nakabash Bridge. FREE

10:10 AM

Takayama's Previous Town (Sanmachi). FREE


Lunch 00zero 1000 (₱ 475)

01:00 PM

Go to Takayama Station

Take the Sarubobo Bus to Hidan People Village ¥ 210 (₱ 99)


Hida Individuals's Village ¥ 700 (2 332)

03:00 PM

Em 600 (₱ 285)

04:00 PM

Take the Sarubobo bus to Takayama station ¥ 210 (₱ 99)



Early Dinner Meals Travel 00 1500 (12 712)

08:00 PM

Again Sleep

Day 2 Expenses

6 4 650 - 2 206 (42 - 37 - SGD57 - MYR172)

09:00 AM

Takayama on the Nagoya Bus


9, 2980 (₱ 1.415), if not utilizing the Shoryudo bus

11:30 AM

ETA Nagoya. Lodge check-in.

12:00 PM

Lunch. 000 1,00zero (₱ 475)

12:30 PM

Nagoya Station to Shiyakusho. 11 min. 240 (₱114)

1. From Nagoya Station, take the metro station to Sakae Station

2. Altering the Nagoya Dome Mae Yada Metro

3.Select at Shiyakusho Station

4. Exit the station. Stroll about Three minutes to the gate of the fort.

01:00 PM

Nagoya Citadel and Meijo Park. ¥ 500 (₱ 237)

02:30 PM

Shiyakusho station at Sako station. 23 min. 1. From Shiyakusho Station to subway to Nagoya.

1. From Shiyakusho station on the subway to Nagoya.

2. Mild at Kanayama Station

3. Change the subway to Sako station.

four. Off at Sako Station

5.Walk to the Toyota Memorial Museum for about 3 minutes

03:00 PM

The Toyota Memorial Museum. ¥ 500 (₱ 237)

04:30 PM

Take the Meitetsu Line subway underground to Nagoya Station. ¥ 170 (₱ 81)


The place of the EEA in Nagoya

05:00 PM


Verify-out at the lodge.

Departure to Chubu Airport or next vacation spot


eight 5 860 - 2,786 ($ 53-47- SGD 72 - MYR 217)

¥ 17,864 -, 4,8490 ($ 162-143 SGD 219 - MYR 662)

* lodge, souvenirs, drinks and snacks not included in the finances above.


 Shirakawa-go Travel Guide and Ideas

Shirakawa-go bus cease has lockers. The bonus is JPY 500. But if it is already full, you'll be able to depart your luggage in a manned counter in one other building a number of meters from the bus station. The charge is ¥ 800 (₱ 380).

Stack cash before the Shirakawa-go go to, as most restaurants, outlets and guest homes accept only JPY money payments. This village has a restricted ATM and ATM only works on weekdays.

Don't give personal property, don't examine a home or open doors or windows with out permission. All the time ask for permission to take a photo of the inside of the house.

Don't decide crops, flowers, or herbs.

Smoke Only in Particular Areas

Avoid Importing Flammable Materials to Shirakawa-go Homes The village is built of flammable conventional materials.

Use a public rest room.

Convey a flashlight should you walk at night time.

Deal with drones in Shirakawa-go.

In Japan, you are feeling appreciated by consuming the whole lot.









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