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The rising tropical island I never had the chance to attempt snowboarding or snowboarding. One of many sports that I have all the time needed to attempt. So, once I had the opportunity to visit northern Japan this yr, within the winter, I’ve included it in their own affairs. Fortuitously, I acquired an invitation to go to Hakuba in Nagano, Japan. It’s recognized for its world-class ski resorts and powdery snow. Nagano turned famous when it hosted several ski events in the course of the 1998 Winter Olympics, attracting increasingly overseas vacationers from Australia, Europe, South Korea, and so on. However Nagano is sort of unknown to most Filipinos and even to other Southeast Asian nations. Hopefully this Hakuba journey information, with a pattern route and price range, will help you propose your trip to this wealthy village quickly.

When is one of the best time to visit Hakuba

The winter season (December to March) is the Hakuba peak season. And since this place is understood for its ski resorts with powdery snow, it is best to visit in winter.

Hakuba can entry

No direct flight from Manila (Philippines) or other Southeast Asian nations to Nagano. You’ll be able to fly to Tokyo first, either to Haneda Airport or Narita Airport, the former is closer.

Tokyo has the following choices:

Tokyo Hakuba

By Practice

1. From the Tokyo Station or Ueno Station, drive a bullet practice (Shinkansen) to Nagano or Kanazawa. The worth is about eight,200 one-way and the transit time is about 1.5 hours. In case you have JR Move or JR East Nagano / Niigita Area Cross this feature is advisable for you because the route covers the passport

. Nagano Station

3. Take the shuttle bus service to the Hakuba Valley at your property, or when you have organized your trip prematurely, they’ll often take their visitors from Nagano Station.

Direct bus

Cheaper various to Hakuba From Tokyo, there is a direct shuttle bus from Tokyo Station (Kajibashi automotive park) departing at 12:20 (midnight) in the course of the winter season. This can be a good choice in the event you plan to go away at night time and arrive early in Hakuba. The Hakuba Categorical bus has Wi-Fi, USB ports for downloading gadgets, heat blankets and even glasses. You possibly can ebook prematurely by way of the hyperlink under.

Worth:, 000 4000 / (12 2,123 ($ 36 / AUD 51 / SGD 49 / RM146)

Interval of journey: 6-7 hours

Departure: 12:20 AM

Arrival: 6:00 am – 7:40 (depending on which resort)


Another reasonably priced strategy to get to Hakuba from Tokyo is the direct Alpico Bus. about 6 – 7 hours, but it is just obtainable in the course of the winter season (December – March)



Here’s a shuttle bus from Tokyo station to Hakuba and vice versa: [19659016

Passenger (One Approach) Tokyo Hakuba Hakuba Tokyo Hakuba Tokyo Mature 6,6600 (₱ three,129 5,200 (66,2666)
Youngster 003 300 (₱ 1.565) ¥ 2,600 (₱ 1 233)
Infant [19] 659026] 19659029] FREE

* Youngster: age 6 – 12 [19659026] Here is a bus schedule from Tokyo Station to Hakuba

Departure 22:40 at Tokyo Station (Yaesu South Exit)

Hakuba Space Arrival
Goryu ESCAL PLAZA 06 40 AM
Hakuba Goryu 06:45
Hakuba-Happo Bus Terminal 07:00 AM
Hakuba Iwatake 07: 05 19659041] Tsugaike Kogen
: 20 AM

Hakuba to Tokyo Station

And here’s a bus schedule from Hakuba to Tokyo station

Hakuba area Departure
Tsugaike Kogen 03:35 [19659046] Hakuba Iwatake 03:55
Hakuba-Happo Bus Terminal 04:15
Hakuba Goryo 04:25
Goryu ESCAL PLAZA 04:30 PM

Arrival at Tokyo Station (Nihonbashi Aspect): 21:45

 Hakuba Route


Sure, you’ll be able to travel immediately from Haneda Airport in Tokyo to Hakuba by bus in winter (December – March). See the schedule and bus transport under.


Adult – 9,000 (67,4267)

Baby – 7,00zero (19,3319)

Infant – FREE

Travel Time: 6-7 hours =

Haneda Airport DEPARTURE DEPARTURE Haneda Airport Worldwide Terminal 07:40 01:45 [19659086] Haneda Airport (Terminal 2) HANEDA AIRPORT 19659080] 01:55 Haneda Airport (Terminal 1) 02:00 PM SEARCH AREA ARRIVAL ARRIVAL ARRIVAL Hakuba Goryu [19659084] 12:58 07:13 Hakuba Station 01:05 07:20 Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal 01:10 : 25.00

Hakuba Haneda Airport Bus Schedule

Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal 10:40 03:40 [19659086] Hakuba Station 10:45 [1965907] 6] 03:45 [1 9659086] Hakuba Goryu 10:52 AM 03:52
Haneda Airport (Terminal 2) 04: 19 05 [1965984] Haneda Airport (Terminal 1) 04:10
Haneda Airport Worldwide Terminal 04:17 09:40
TOKYO AREA ARRIVAL ARRIVAL ARRIVAL [19659076] ARRIVAL East Exit Shinagawa Railway Station 09:00 PM

 Hakuba Goryu Ski Resort


In winter (December-March) there’s additionally a direct bus from Narita Airport to Hakuba. Rates and Schedule


Adults – 9,500 (50,4505)

Youngster – 7,500 () three,556)

Toddler – FREE

Travel Time: 6-7 hours [19659006] Narita Airport Narita Airport International Terminal 3 11:00 AM 11:00 AM Narita Airport International Terminal 1 11:05 AM SEARCH AREA ARRIVAL Hakuba Goryu 04:43 Hakuba Station 04:50 Hakuba Happo Line automotive station 04:55

Bus schedule for Hakuba to Narita Airport

Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal [19659130] 10:15
Hakuba Station
19659146] 10:20
Hakuba Goryu 10:27 AM
NARITA AIRPORT ARRIVAL [1965907] 7] Narita Airport International Terminal 2 04:05
Narita Airport International Terminal 1 04:10
Narita Airport International Terminal 3 04:15


The Happo Bus Terminal is an important bus hub for access to all of the Hakuba Valley ski resorts. It is about 1.7 km from Hakuba Practice Station within the middle of Hakuba village middle. There are several buses round Hakuba ski resorts, so it can be confusing. For those who plan to go to all or a number of the ski resorts dotted in Hakuba, you need to use the passport.

Hakuba Valley Day Move

In winter a great various to get round is the Hakuba Valley Day Cross. Get to know 9 ski resorts in Hakuba and luxuriate in quite a lot of snow sports. The Hakuba Valley Day Move is out there with a 1-6 day ticket. In case you are just going to ski and keep at 1 resort a day or so, this passport just isn’t needed. Ask your resort prematurely and ask the lodge to select up and drop off at Nagano Station or the lodge. But if you’ll see and bounce from one Hakuba to another, this passage is beneficial


Listed here are the bus transports around Hakuba village

1. Goryu FREE Shuttle Bus

This can be a free shuttle bus to Goryu, you possibly can verify the bus route and schedule HERE . You need to use this for FREE even in case you would not have a Hakuba Valley Cross

2.Hakuba Valley Bus

You can even drive to Hakuba Valley by bus, it's FREE when you have a Hakuba Valley Day Move, however for those who don't have one, worth is. ¥ 500 (7,237, $ 4, SGD 6, RM 18, AUD 6). Verify the bus schedule and route HERE and bus stops HERE .

3.Genki Go Night time Bus

The Genki Go bus runs at 18:00 midnight during off-season (winter). The worth is ¥ 300 for adults and youngsters.



There are 9 major ski resorts in Hakuba Valley. Should you're confused about where to ski, you possibly can attempt Hakuba Goryu as a result of they really have 3 versatile ski trails – ALPS, IIMORI and TOOMI, as well as a couple of particular programs to go well with all talent levels, together with learners and youngsters. The slopes of Tohm and Iimor are ideal for families, newbies and youngsters. It's the first time I used to be skiing, so at first I was afraid, but Hakuba, because of Mamuro Traveling, who was affected person.

Hakuba Goryu Web site: CLICK HERE