• That’s what I’m talking about deltadawg! Sounds like y’all had a blast! We’ve come quite a ways the past few months on getting transitioned into hammock camping, and it is great. There are actually a few group hangs in the early planning stages for us Mississippians going on now. These will vary from primitive/dispersed camping to just car camping…[Read more]

  • DeSoto is one of my next two NF hangs. I’m ready to get down there too. Right now I’m giving the webbing and descender ring setup a go. Trying to keep it simple since we’re all learning together. After everyone gets comfortable in sure the personal preferences will come out. Knowing us it’ll be a regular r&d lab in the gullies behind the house.

  • So Ryan, what kind of hammock setup are you hanging? I’m running a doublenest one link system for now, changing out the suspension though. Atlas straps are awesome, but mine are a bit short.

    Kevin, those big tents get heavy don’t they? I had one for a while, but it finally gave up the ghost. We were gearing back up when I decided to look into…[Read more]

  • Any primitive campers on here? Dispersed campers? Hammock campers? Just sending up a flare, seeing what camping preferences abound in our community. Most memorable spots or experiences around the state or not far out of it would be welcome additions to this topic. Whatcha got?

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    Good deal. I bring it up when I see the chance because of the people who don’t know or the “Maybe this time it will stick.” I work in extreme heat for long hours, and have seen firsthand how even experienced hands can get caught up in the moment. Coming from that way I figured you probably knew, but seeing this thread may stay with someone else…[Read more]

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    Just gonna throw this out there, especially since we’re getting in the summer months. Humidity gets high here and when mixed with the heat it can get dangerous. It’s a silent danger in the south, we have the heatstroke victims to prove it. A good rule of thumb with water is if it’s not clear coming out there’s not enough going in. Knowledge, it’s…[Read more]

  • I think the sound does it for me. Knowing the history of the ammo can and all the places it’s been. How many times it has been heard in the dead of night for a reload, a cache, retrieving from dry storage on a float, it’s been these places and more. As the spring action releases and forces past the pivot point, it reverberates through a structure…[Read more]

  • Billy is visiting his grandfather in the mountains. When they sit down to eat, he noticed a spot on his plate.
    “You sure these plates are clean pawpaw?”
    “Clean as cold water can get ‘em.”
    So the morning passes and at lunch, the same thing happened.
    “You SURE these plates are clean?”
    “Clean as cold water gets ‘em.”
    That afternoon Hank the mailman…[Read more]

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