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    I posted this years ago but here it is again for the “new” folks or those who may have missed it.

    One of the biggest complaints i have about most any handheld GPSr unit is the lack of detailed mapping detail. You can buy and install several different add on mapsets for most any GPSr. Of particular interest to me is the topographical mapsets that show you not only elevations changes but also creeks,railroad lines,cemetaries…numerous other waypoints or POI (Points of Interest).
    If you have a Garmin unit here is how you can get those maps onto your GPSr for free. Support your interest by purchasing their products if you can but some folks would rather spend their money on caching supplies.

    What you need :
    *Garmin GPSr (any model will do as long as you have the ability to connect it to a computer)
    *computer (other devices MAY work)
    *Garmin Mapsource software

  • *Topo maps

  • You can choose other states if you wish.

    Here is a link describing how to load that custom mapset onto your GPSr unit.

  • The more memory your GPSr unit will hold the more mapsets it can store. Most units have a microSD card that can be upgraded to a larger size therefore more mapsets can be loaded at once.Each “grid” will display it’s filesize in the lower column.

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