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    The show last week and the one that just aired… had some coords given as to where Walt was… and his money. Anyone else watch this crazy show? … AND looked up the coords?

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    Lacey and I just recently started watching this series. We started at season 1 and are halfway through season 2; so we got a ways til we get caught up.

    I have been thinking it would make a cool cache if you used chemical compound numbers /symbols off the periodic table to give you some coordinates. A barrel /drum would make an awesome final :)

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    The periodic table has all kinds of potential for a puzzle if one were so inclined. Do you think Groundspeak would frown on a meth themed cache? :)

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    The coordinates are just south of Alberqueque New Mexico near a University building for arts and film. They are on top of a spoil dirt pile. But if you use google maps and use the street view icon, there is a building to the west of the coordinates that has a little dot on it. Place the street view icon on the dot and there is a photo with the AMC logo of Walt hiding the loot. The photo doesn’t seem to match the area of the coordinates.
    I suspect there will be some type of promotion to find Walt’s loot.

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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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