Cache Favorites: Oktibbeha County

September 5, 2013 in Favorites by Sterling McCool

GC2PBC7 Shake Rattle and Roll, a traditional cache by mskissguy&frannyfru, is Oktibbeha County’s favorite as determined by the caching community, with 30 favorite points currently.


Located in the Thad Cochran Research Park on the campus of Mississippi State University, the Difficulty 3, Terrain 1.5 cache is a short climb from nearby parking, but finding and signing the log is its own challenge. Despite the effort required to solve this field puzzle, only 5 cachers have taken a DNF. It’s all in good fun, though, as cacher Pinkie Lee logged:

I gave it a Shake – rattle – roll. I GGGRRRed. I prevailed. (02/23/2013)

Our own attempt at this one came early in our caching career. Six months into the sport, we had never seen such a creative container. Other cachers agree:

By far the most fun and creative cache we experienced during our trip. My newbie cachers was mightily impressed as we all took turns solving the puzzle. With each contributing we soon had what we needed to get to the log. Very, very, very clever and creative. Definitely a “must-do” cache and very worthy of all the favorite ratings. TFTF! (codeyrex 09/29/2011)

When I’m geocaching, I’m out to have fun. But when I run across a cache like this, all of a sudden I begin cussing! I shook that thing for 20 minutes (and so did my mom who was making the trip with me today). I was wondering if I was going about it the wrong way, so I read the prior logs. Everyone said they “shook, rattled, and rolled” the thing! Anyway, I saw the CO after my failed attempt, and he explained to me that I wasn’t holding my mouth right. So, I went back and bit my tongue (to keep from cussing again) which was apparently the way I was supposed to be holding my mouth, and what do you know, I was signing the log a few seconds later. Thanks again, Glenn, for a great cache! (Gyrocacher 08/08/2012)

Indeed, with a current total of 454 favorite points on their 169 caches hidden, mskissguy&frannyfru have helped to make the Starkville area a treasure trove of diverse and creative caches. Be sure to check out GC2PBC7 Shake Rattle and Roll, just one of Mississippi’s finest, on your visit to Oktibbeha County.